Servicing your on-site wastewater treatment system

Any type of on-site wastewater treatment systemem (sand filter, micro filter and compact station) requires regular maintenance to ensure it is performing correctly.

There are three key factors to achieving an effective on-site wastewater treatment solution:

  • A good product
  • A good installer
  • Professional on-site wastewater treatment system maintenance

Each factor contributes to an efficient, sustainable and economical solution to treating your wastewater on-site.

Eloy Water NZ recommends using a professional certified technician.


We have a global network of certified on-site wastewater treatment system maintenance technicians. This means we can make sure you have access to highly qualified local experts who understand the importance of making sure the Eloy Water treatment systems are correctly maintained.

These independent technicians and Eloy Water partners are able to carry out this maintenance on most types of products or brands.


We make sure that our certified technicians can access all relevant information related to an Eloy Water on-site wastewater treatment system (such as photos of the system, date of commissioning, performance data, etc.). Our secure computer program stores relevant data and enables regular monitoring of your waste water treatment system. This ensures you receive a personalised and professional service experience.


Around the world Eloy Water is ensuring thousands of on-site wastewater treatment systems are being professionally maintained by their certified technicians. It is essential for any manufacturer to facilitate professional, local resources to maintain and support their customers.