Servicing your Oxyfix

To ensure an on-site wastewater treatment system is operating correctly and efficiently it is essential to provide regular maintenance. A certified technician will do this by completing a number of tests, including measurements of the pH and dissolved oxygen levels.


  • Reduce the risk of expensive repairs
  • Determine when desludging is required
  • Required by local councils

Which technician?

Eloy Water recommends annual on-site wastewater treatment system maintenance checks by a certified technician. This is to make sure your Oxyfix system is functioning properly and within the design guidelines.

Depending on your specific product, different checks are needed by our certified technicians.

What next?

To request an annual on-site wastewater treatment system maintenance check for your system complete the form and click “Submit”. You will receive a confirmation email from our support team. We will then send you a service contract to review.


Eloy Water has established a network of certified technicians who use the most advanced testing equipment. Their specialised training and equipment means they can test all of the important performance parameters.

The data collected during the maintenance visit is compared against the optimum settings and recorded for future reference.  If corrective action is required the Technician will communicate this with you.

All of the certified technicians we recommend receive regular training and skill testing. If you have any queries about on-site wastewater treatment system maintenance please contact us.