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All Eloy Water products (sewage treatment, oil separator, degreaser, etc.) have an identification number. We recommend all our customers register their product to take advantage of our unique after sale support and system monitoring.


Simply take a few minutes to complete the form below.

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Where can I find this number?

To provide you with a maintenance contract adapted specifically to your product, we need your product number. Depending on your product type the ID Number can be found in two different places:

1. Is there an “Eloy Water” sticker on the blower?

The product ID Number is written on this sticker.

2. If there is no sticker on the blower.

Then, you can provide the blower number. This unique number includes 2 alphabetical letters and 4 numbers, you can find this number on places shown on the images above. (Warning! EL-S-60 or EL-S-100 is the blower model number and is not the number required).



Product installation location


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