Lupulus - High-performance solution for an exceptional brewery

The first ambition of Lupulus was only to supply the neighboring bar. But thanks to the creation of a thoroughbred beer with strong character and subtle, hoppy aromas, the brewery's beers took the market by storm. With its fast growing production, the brewery soon had to consider an extension to its production facilities. In 2015, the production was estimated at 10000 hl and is supposed to grow to 25000 in 2020. This extension and the future production growth lead to increasing requirements for wastewater treatment. Furthermore the Belgian government demanded more demanding permits since the brewery is located in a sensitive ecological zone, subject to very restrictive legislation!

The installation had to meet various constraints: 

  • Compliance with the local regulations for water discharge quality
  • Low costs of operation 
  • Perfect integration into the site
  • Reducing any noise and no odors 

Finally, the solution had to cope with the variations in organic and hydraulic loads due to production varying during the week. The solution installed by Eloy Water can process up to 57 m³/day.

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